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An Introduction to “The Viking and The Moor”

The story of The Viking and The Moor has been with me, in some shape or form, for several years now. The prologue, which will be published tomorrow (or, rather, later today), is the first thing I ever wrote for this project. The Viking and The Moor began as a very different story, then morphed into its current format a little over a year ago.

The Viking and The Moor is, ostensibly, a book for children/young adults, but it is one that I believe adults will enjoy as well, and hopefully share with their children and grandchildren.

It is a story that takes place over the course of the entire history of time, while focusing on a single, intimate story set in a strange, desolate land called, simply, The Northlands.

The publication of the prologue will signal the beginning of the online publication of The Viking and The Moor. A print version is being developed simultaneously, but will likely appear at a much later time. For now, the online publication will exist as its sole version. As always with the fluidity of online print, what appears here may not necessarily be what appears in the final print version of the book.

But it will be close to it.

As soon as I decided to go ahead and begin publishing online, I knew immediately that there would be two distinct versions.

The print version will be illustrated. But I have yet to decide on an art style, let alone an artist, so I’ve decided to do something different for the online version that will attempt to mimic the idea of an illustration with a piece of mood music.

Each chapter/sequence that is published will be accompanied by a piece of “soundtrack” music, a song that captures the cinematic intent of the prose, the aural “illustration”.

A serial format will slowly reveal the story of the two titular characters.

Hopefully this platform will allow you to peel away the story a layer at a time, and at your own pace.

A publication timeline hasn’t been entirely worked out, but I’d imagine no less than once a month, perhaps twice a month. Perhaps more. It depends how quickly the process of editing goes.

But the process is now begun.

I hope you’ll stick around for the ride.

And tell your friends.



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