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One Final (Soft) Relaunch


After several different incarnations, pop/GUN is being relaunched one final time as the platform that it always should have been: one of original content.

The first piece of original content will be the online publication of my first novel, The Viking and The Moor. It will be published in a serial format, a chapter at a time, until it has been published in its entirety.

The rate of publication has not yet been determined. The first dozen or so chapters are completed, and a final edit will be applied before each segment’s publication. The unwritten chapters will be developed simultaneously.

Each segment will be accompanied by a piece of music that is meant to reinforce the mood or tone of the published prose.

I expect to have the first installment up by the end of the week.

In the future, pop/GUN will not be a repository solely for text. It will feature music and video content as well as written.

These may be both editorial or creative in nature. I will also be employing the talents of other writers, musicians, producers, filmmakers, etc.

Please use the contact form on our about page to pitch original content for the pop/GUN platform.



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